Monday, November 08, 2004

Volga :: Kiasma

Volga :: Kiasma

Once again delivers another gem in the form of Volga. I wish I could accurately describe the sound but I can't. Instead I'll list some artists that I like that Volga can be compared to: Bjork, Portishead, Annie Lennox and a little bit of Blade Runner soundtrack thrown in. These are just my impressions but its worth a listen. I'm sure it'll be the most interesting music you've never heard before whether you like it or not is another matter all together.

"Volga is a project from Moscow that combines ancient pagan Russian folk songs with contemporary experimental electronics.
These 5 tracks were recorded live at the Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland in February 2004."

Zatovor 1
Zatovor 2
Na puzhbinye

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