Friday, August 12, 2005

Pac-Man Song

Pac-Man Song

"Inky, Blinky, Clyde, better move aside
Energizer ride for the cherries
Pinky cannot hide in the blue divide
Ghost and Man collide, he gets buried"

Start Over

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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Ride Theory

The Ride Theory

Hailing from Zero Transmission Ground Zero, aka Hamilton Ontario The Ride Theory are on the cusp of their east coast tour of Canada and are currently working on their newest CD to be released in July 2005.

From the bio:

All members being well-schooled in the roots of rock n’ roll, we naturally draw musical inspiration from the analog masterpieces in surf rock, soul, art rock, garage and beat rock.

Please note :: the links to the mp3 files on their website are boned so I took the liberty of fixing the links in this post and linking directly to the mp3 index page.

Parking Ticket
Reflecting On A Foggy Day

Index of /mp3s

via Radio Fireball :: Podcasts from the Faculty of Engineering @ McMaster University.

deftype :: Gemischtwaren EP

Silent Hill Beautification AssociationDetails for deftype - Gemischtwaren EP

I've been in a cinematic state of mind as I've been prowling the set of "Silent Hill" trying to snap some pics without much luck. deftype's ep, "Gemischtwaren", has the kind of vibe I'm hoping the movie will capture as the SH video game was quite creepy.

From the release notes:

"You can find a sort of mixture of lofi beats, electro, classical instruments,Hitchcock-Atmospheres, simulated acoustic percussions and much more. Sometimes some kind of melody appears from the background of filled dark cyberlogical streets. All in all, its not easily graspable in stylistic or genre-terms at all."

heros theme

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kplecraft :: KNMS-001

Details for Kplecraft :: KNMS-001 [mtk146]

Internet Archive and Monotonik....these are two of my favourite things. I'm about to a add a third favourite thing, Kplecraft. Check out a snip from the bio:

"Here's what you need to know. Kplecraft consists of Kuske (Nintendo Game Boy with Nanoloop 1.2, saxophone, effects, etc.) and Eddie (percussion, conga, etc.) It is, more or less, a bleep side project of the Japanese jamband PCIA, in a similar way, perhaps, that Eat Static and Ozric Tentacles interact, and oddly enough, it's the blend of jamming and solid electronic beats that somewhat recall both of those bands, as well as other marvellous oddities like the Holistic Records crew from the Isle Of Wight."

718 suite: Part1
718 suite: Part2

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 2

Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 2

A worthy successor to Volume 1, TCEV2 features many of the same artists that made the first release such an incredible find plus some new artists that push the number of tracks to 16 as opposed to 10 on the first collection.

The driving force behind these two collections is Todd Millenacker aka Avenpitch, who leads off the compilation with the hyper-tempoed track "Jack The Idiot Dance." The stand out track for me, among the many other great ones, is "Broken Waters" (different mix than compilation track) by Endless Blue, a downtempo/triphop tune that really resonates. Reminiscent of early James, "Planting Flowers" by Tim Rally Gold is a guitar driven track that concentrates more on the punk of electropunk.

Check out track listing for both volumes of Twin Cities Electropunk.

Download Volume 1 :: Volume 2 in convenient zip format.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Zero Transmission Podcast 01

Grab the 1st Zero Transmission podcast here!

Featuring :: Clemens Eduard Haipl, Alice Mackay & Benfay, i am robot and proud, jacuzzi brothers, tomas nordstrom and Sonny Jim.

Hosted by

Thanks to Staccato, Music Lovers Union, Down with the Chairman and many others for their support and inspiration.

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sijis Radio :: Down with the Chairman

Sijis Radio :: Down with the Chairman

As the host of my own netlabel/netaudio radio show I'm always on the lookout for others of my kind. Down with the Chairman, hosted by Mark McLaren, was the first show that I found that fits the bill. I think the first episode I caught was 13 but now they are at 32 so there is plenty of material to catch up with. Helpfully the following two episodes re-cap the best, most interesting music featured in the past year broken down into two different genres of music: dance / experimental and song based / shoegazing / indie-tronica based tunes.

down with the chairman - Episode 29 HiFi Stream | LoFi Stream | Archive
down with the chairman - Episode 30 HiFi Stream | LoFi Stream | Archive

Check out the rest of the shows at
Also visit their netlabel, sijis - music with a limited appeal. I love that tagline.

Friday, February 25, 2005

bit_rock alumnae :: electronic collective

bit_rock alumnae :: electronic collective

While plumbing the depths of's netlabel scene I found something that hits close to home. Very close to home. "live at CMFU - nybbl meets kawula [hc105]". Indeed this is a live recording from the very heart of Squares Cubed country released via hippocamp. Following the trail of breadcrumbs further lead me to bit_rock alumnae:

"The bit_rock alumnae is an informal collective of electronic music producers based in and around Toronto. We decided to get together during the winter of 2004 for the purposes of supporting each other, strengthening the local independent electronic scene, and trying to stay warm. All of us recognized the difficulties in finding an accepting audience for our music outside the rock and dance club scene, so we decided to join forces to make things happen."

Check out some tracks from the bit_rock alumnae sampler #1:

minisystem :: Where were you
Steve Castellano :: Perversion for Profit

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Squares Cubed February 24 2005

Squares Cubed February 24 2005

Ho-hum. Just another day at the offices of Squares Cubed. Just another day of the best new music on the net. Just another day filling out my TPS cover sheets.

Download the whole, high-quality show here!

This Week's Music

  1. Unicode - Okota
  2. Unicode - Shandymuzz
  3. Unicode - PoQ
  4. Balún - While Sleeping
  5. Balún - Snol
  6. Balún - I Shouldnt Do This
  7. Alice Mackay & Benfay - Madness
  8. Alice Mackay & Benfay - Jump
  9. D Minum - The Space Between
  10. D Minum - Warm Room
  11. D Minum - We Will Be In Flight (When We Touch the Ground)
  12. K.M.Krebs - Not Human Emotion
  13. SelfMadeMusic - Time calculations
  14. SelfMadeMusic - Web smashed
  15. K.M.Krebs - Anti-Electric Wavepaint
  16. K.M.Krebs - Starhunter M

Friday, February 18, 2005

Squares Cubed February 17 2005

Squares Cubed February 17 2005

I've had this Chronic Dream that I've been eating an Apple in my Model A on Santa Cruise Control with Four Stones in my Pokett.

Perhaps this week's episode can unravel the meaning behind this dream.

This Week's Music

  1. Nicky Apple - Buba's Song
  2. Nicky Apple - He Smiles My Friend
  3. Nicky Apple - Still Mine
  4. Santa Cruise Control - Nattiez Part 1
  5. Santa Cruise Control - Nattiez Part 2
  6. Model A - Angry Hippo
  7. Model A - Street Sign Says
  8. Pokett - Walls
  9. Pokett - Rain On
  10. Four Stones - Brilliant Day (Chronic Mix)
  11. Four Stones - Just My Luck (Chronic Mix)
  12. Four Stones - Dead Money
  13. Four Stones - Be Brave (Blotter Bros. Mix)
  14. Four Stones - Art vs Process

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mystechs :: Omega Point Records

Mystechs :: Omega Point Records

Their official bio compares Mystechs to Zappa, Ween and Outkast which should give you some indication of were their release is coming from. At first listening I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about the music. I didn't like or dislike it. Only after a few more listens was I able to appreciate Mystechs deadly style of musical kung-fu. I could try to explain the sound but its much easier to just link to the tracks themselves.


Grab some more mp3s from other Mystechs releases on the Info and Fun page!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Squares Cubed February 10 2005

Squares Cubed February 10 2005

FREE BEER! Well, not really, but all these songs are yours for the taking, courtesy of Think of this as your own personal Squares Cubed mixed-tape!

You can also download the whole pre-mixed show here.

This Week's Music

  1. Luna - Tiger Lily (Live)
  2. Four Tet - No More Mosquitoes
  3. Piano Magic - I Came To Your Party Dressed As A Shadow
  4. A Northern Chorus - Let The Parrots Speak For Themselves (direct link)
  5. PINQ - LMOE
  6. Jettie - Goodmorning Russia
  7. Yo La Tengo - Nuclear War
  8. Singapore Sling - Overdriver
  9. Singapore Sling - Listen
  10. Loquat - Swingset Chain
  11. South - Walk

Friday, February 04, 2005

Squares Cubed February 03 2005

Squares Cubed February 03 2005

It's been a month since your favourite dj saviours have been in the studio together so you just know that tears have been shed and pints have been downed in celebration of their reunion.

Grab some of the best music available on the net here!

This Week's Music

  1. coma research - can you feel it ?(feat. jewel jones)
  2. Windom Earle - Ode To Gregs Cat
  3. Level - Skimming
  4. Giraffe - The fifth wheel
  5. The Linger Effect - I am the watercolour
  6. coma research - finistra
  7. HAL - Quiet Minds In Paraguay
  8. The Linger Effect - The Small Time
  9. Fuellsand - Popsicle at the Sewers
  10. Windom Earle - Screw Wave
  11. Fuellsand - Benjamin Franklin stilled the Waves
  12. Shout out to Staccato Music!! - CC Music and interviews

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 :: netlabel :: netlabel

give me convenience or give me cash | politicide 039 our first sampler. many artist, versatile sounds. german post-slam poetry, pop, d&b lookalikes, ambient, garagepunk...two different booklets. plenty of calls and emails. and now we're proud to present this funky thang! enjoy.

salamandroids- naclboy 2004
fanman- smiling phil
zweieKKenkreis- verschlossenes lachen
mirco buchwitz- zeitansage
märiö f.- milieubeschimpfung
florian filsinger- digitalkamerad
bock andrews- sizzlas of mercy
reality asylum- reform
tarkatak- anda
tobi kirsch- wechsel das hemd (reality asylum droning rmx)
reality asylum- wo führt das hin?

VIDEO "wo führt das hin?" by 16MB Quick Time

cover pdf
backcover pdf

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Squares Cubed January 27 2005

Squares Cubed January 27 2005

Marc returns to Squares Cubed and brings with him a "heapin' help of ambient quietude," which he vetted while trying to get his newborn son to fall asleep.

Quietly download the whole show here. Shhhhh!

This Week's Music

  1. Theodor Zox - Dawn In Blue
  2. Zen Savauge - Inconnu
  3. acta - passe
  4. acta - comme va le monde
  5. acta - sous quel ordre
  6. darkhalo - alloy
  7. Dighom - Kunthai
  8. Dighom - Vaana
  9. Dighom - Zathoum

Friday, January 21, 2005

Squares Cubed January 20 2005

January 20 2005

Friday, January 14, 2005

Squares Cubed January 13 2005

Squares Cubed January 13 2005

Chris phones it in this week while Marc paces the maternity ward waiting room anticipating the many sleepless nights ahead.

Check out the whole, high-quality show here!

This Week's Music

1. Env - World
2. LeutOhm - Small Bird's Got It, Yeah!
3. Filewile - Attila
4. Morphologue - Facet
5. Pureape - Move
6. Le Zero - Sunset Silhouette
7. Mon Petit Poney - Harley
8. Phil Reavis - Broken Pipe Basement Surf
9. Phil Reavis - Roadtrip
10. Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad - Loosy Week-Ends
11. Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad - Monster
12. Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad - Childhood
13. Jerzz - When the world
14. Popkan - Fluents Haircut

Saturday, January 08, 2005



finn. has his dwelling place in the middle of hamburg - his music, however, seems as if he was operating from below the water line. to educate our hearts, this thoughtful twentysomething creates a sound exuding warmth and intimacy. we are happy to share this experience, because through finn.'s veins runs grand emotional cinema!

finn. vs. flo fernandez: To Keep Us Busy For Years
Moon Rocks :: Bonus video

Friday, January 07, 2005

Squares Cubed January 06 2005

Marc and Chris have a great start to the new year with this upbeat mix of netaudio goodies sure to keep toes a-tapping and fingers a-snapping.

Download the whole, high-quality show here!

This Week's Music

  1. loobke - shining
  2. Jahtari Riddim Force - Loose in Space
  3. Crashed By Car - Bees
  4. Benfay - Falke
  5. Camp - Drip Strip
  6. Ate One - Mr. Deo
  7. Chris Price - Charge Me
  8. Phour Trakk - Cornelia
  9. No Unauthorized - San Requin
  10. R. V. Aggalen - Bloody Bassdrum
  11. r_garcia - All Work and No Play
  12. Elliptic - Motion Control
  13. loobke - boots
  14. disrupt - The stars my destination

Squares Cubed December 30 2004

Squares Cubed December 30 2004

Some laid-back audio to prepare you for 2005. Remember to stick to your new year resolutions at least until the end of this episode of SC so put down that smoke and get on the treadmill.

Should olde episodes be forgot click here!


  1. Arrial - Shiver
  2. Digitalverein - San Marco by Night
  3. Ika sali - geniture
  4. color by numbers - Lights Like Windows
  5. tiny eyes - enjoy
  6. Vladislav Delay - Demo(n) Cuts
  7. bhasmantam - soft mud
  8. Gltch Btch - Ten Zero One
  9. Digitalverein - The Way To Get Down
  10. Neutron404 - Klangfeld
  11. Color By Numbers - Syncopation Of Hearts