Friday, May 13, 2005

deftype :: Gemischtwaren EP

Silent Hill Beautification AssociationDetails for deftype - Gemischtwaren EP

I've been in a cinematic state of mind as I've been prowling the set of "Silent Hill" trying to snap some pics without much luck. deftype's ep, "Gemischtwaren", has the kind of vibe I'm hoping the movie will capture as the SH video game was quite creepy.

From the release notes:

"You can find a sort of mixture of lofi beats, electro, classical instruments,Hitchcock-Atmospheres, simulated acoustic percussions and much more. Sometimes some kind of melody appears from the background of filled dark cyberlogical streets. All in all, its not easily graspable in stylistic or genre-terms at all."

heros theme

via phonocake


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its ever says about music but i preferrd it by one's own man! i think its better on

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or that


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