Friday, February 25, 2005

bit_rock alumnae :: electronic collective

bit_rock alumnae :: electronic collective

While plumbing the depths of's netlabel scene I found something that hits close to home. Very close to home. "live at CMFU - nybbl meets kawula [hc105]". Indeed this is a live recording from the very heart of Squares Cubed country released via hippocamp. Following the trail of breadcrumbs further lead me to bit_rock alumnae:

"The bit_rock alumnae is an informal collective of electronic music producers based in and around Toronto. We decided to get together during the winter of 2004 for the purposes of supporting each other, strengthening the local independent electronic scene, and trying to stay warm. All of us recognized the difficulties in finding an accepting audience for our music outside the rock and dance club scene, so we decided to join forces to make things happen."

Check out some tracks from the bit_rock alumnae sampler #1:

minisystem :: Where were you
Steve Castellano :: Perversion for Profit


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