Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1

Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1

"Even if you have never seen a porn movie in your lifetime, almost everyone in the world knows what the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' represents... Each person, upon hearing it, mentally interprets the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' in their own way, fueling a range of emotions from lust to disgust."

Released by Comfort Stand Recordings

Martinibomb - The Love God
Mr. Juno - Hatesex
The Devil In Miss Jones - Half An Hour Is For Free

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Joe McPhee

Joe McPhee

The structure of a jazz performance is, like that of the New York skyline, a tension of cross-purposes. In jazz at its characteristic best, each player seems to be—and has the sense of being—on his own. Each goes his own way, inventing rhythmic and melodic patterns which, superficially, seem to have as little relevance to one another as the United Nations building does to the Empire State. And yet the outcome is a dazzlingly precise creative unity.
John A. Kouwenhoven

Since first emerging in the late '60s, Joe McPhee has been heralded as one of jazz's most talented multi-instrumentalists and greatest improvisers.

Many of McPhee's early recordings as a bandleader, including Underground Railroad (1969), Nation Time (1970), and Trinity (1971) (all originally on the obscure CjR label), are informed by the Black Power movement of the '60s and '70s. Underground Railroad, pointedly "dedicated to the black experience on planet Earth," virtually disappeared on impact, as only 500 copies were ever pressed, but thanks to Atavistic's "Unheard Music" series, it's available once again, along a special bonus section documenting McPhee's public debut on the tenor sax during an inspired afternoon performance with his larger group, the Contemporary Improvisational Ensemble, at the same New York monastery where he would record Underground Railroad
six months later.

Nation Time

Friday, November 26, 2004

Squares Cubed November 25 2004

Squares Cubed November 25 2004

While our American cousins are doped up on turkey, stuffing and football, Chris and Marc continue their tradition of bringing you the best netlabel nutrition money can't buy.

Download the whole, high quality show here. Gobble gobble.

This Week's Playlist

  1. Hectopascal - One Bit Wonder
  2. dorothy's magic bag - mango
  3. Hectopascal - Last computer game ninja
  4. Anaxy Windgesprache
  5. Seestrings - You Spiral Out Like Nature In My Arms.
  6. Sense - Plink
  7. Seestrings - You Think Of A Name
  8. dorothy's magic bag - 48y95234
  9. Kratarknathrak - Albedo 0.23
  10. Sense - 203p2
  11. Seestrings - Wish I Could Scream

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sense :: Further EP

Sense :: Further EP

"So, from the starting-point of 'Onel', all deep, deep tones and straightahead depthcharge beats, we go through the surprisingly uptempo, groovy 'Korma' (previously released on Kahvi and on a Merck Records mix-tape), then the amazingly vibrant, textured deep ambience of '203p2', the playfulness and clear tones of 'Plink', and finally, the almost Orb-like 'Church Song', building and rising and gliding inexorably out of the sea as the sun bakes, the waves lap, and great Cthulhu surveys his empire. And he is happy."

Stream the mp3s and relax. You deserve it. Really, you do. You work too hard.

Via Monotonik

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Staccato :: Episode 2

Staccato :: Episode 2

"Staccato is a weekly(-ish) show of Creative Commons-licensed music. Most of the artists can be found at archive.org."


The Shut-Ins :: Le Tigre :: The Uberkids :: Tioneb :: Elastic Lego :: Loden :: Subosc :: Algorhythm :: Uese :: Håkon Lidbo :: Danny BlackBelt Andersen :: Kunstner 5 :: Seestrings

Listen to this episode in all of its 64 Kbps glory

Check out episode 1

Wonderful :: God Bless Our Pad

Wonderful :: God Bless Our Pad

Wonderful is the songs made by Jason Holstrom, Jon e. Rock Khanjian, Noah Weaver, and Peter Sali. Wonderful is about making beautiful, joyous music. Synthesizers, saxophones, voices, rock and roll, guitars, snares, cymbals, ukuleles, oceans, bells: these are all our friends in song. What inspires the music? The Beatles and the Beach Boys (of course), The Flaming Lips, dance music, New Order, Debussy, Simon and Garfunkel, Island songs and so on and so on.

My How You Come Alive!

Get the rest at http://www.mannheimworldwide.com/

Monday, November 22, 2004

United State of Electronica

United State of Electronica

U.S.E. is for the 'party people' as the track 'All Sounds & All People' asserts. This is pure fun from track 1 to 12. It never lets up with its Daft Punk meets Andrew W. K dance anthems. Have fun.

Equal parts heartfelt fun and in-your-face energy, bounce-inducing grooves and uber-infectious melody, U.S.E. has been invited to share the stage with such a wide variety of acts as Junior Senior, Sir Mixalot, The Presidents of the USA, Gus-Gus, and Death Cab for Cutie. Having built an enormous Northwest fan base, U.S.E. is now bringing the party on the road and to the rest of the world.

Emerald City
Night Shift

UPDATE :: mp3 links are timing out sometimes but this link still seems to work without fail :: Download the entire album as a .zip file

Friday, November 19, 2004

Squares Cubed November 18 2004

November 18 2004

Breakbeats and krautcore. Plundersampledelica and electronic Russian folkmusic. Just another day in the life of your favourite dj saviours.

Download the whole, high quality show here.

This Week's Playlist

  1. Krii - So Close To You
  2. the fuzz - god bless the radio
  3. T.Malinen - Random Sheit
  4. Playme - Wunderreich
  5. Volga - Volga-mat
  6. Tricolore - Subterfuge
  7. Volga - Na puzhbinye
  8. Marcus - Vantaa Oldsk00l
  9. fuzz - god bless the hardcore
  10. dijin and krii - iwo jima
  11. Playme - Razor
Note :: Pop ups on squares cubed are being served against our will by the domain redirection service. We're looking for solution to this problem.

Scott Andrew :: lo-fi acoustic pop superhero!

Scott Andrew

I listened to some of Scott's music after following a link from the creative commons website which highlights the change of heart Scott has had in regards to filesharing. This post is sort of in line with an earlier one with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy on filesharing and how to not treat your fans like criminals. Scott offers plenty of free tunes with the opportunity to purchase his latest cd "Where I've Been"

"Being a small-time, independent artist, I deal in many currencies. There's dollars, to be sure, but there's also good word-of-mouth, loyalty, mutual respect. In what is probably the most competitive of the entertainment industries, a little goodwill is worth a lot more than a CD sale to me."

The Big Lie That Solves Everything
American Thing
Hello You

Looking for more?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Stark Effect :: mic in track

Stark Effect :: mic in track

"A 'mic in track' is a recording made on a PC using MusicMatch Jukebox, a music utility packaged with many new PC's that allows the user to record from the microphone input of the PC's sound card and save the recording in mp3 format. The default filename is 'mic in track' followed by a number."

"If that user also happens to be running a file-sharing program (WinMX, Audiognome, Kazaa, etc.), and shares the directory in which the mic in track is stored, then these personal recordings can be easily downloaded from the user's computer. The vast majority of them are either silent or uninteresting, but many are like Christmas presents giftwrapped in nondescript serial numbers. They represent unique examples of audio vérité.

I Miss You
Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk



While tripping around archive.org I found a new addition to the netlabel radio world. Matt May works on Web accessibility for the World Wide Web Consortium and lives in Seattle. Staccato is a home brew affair using tools available to most people.

"Welcome to Staccato, where we feature music that probably won't get you sued.
All tracks are available under a Creative Commons license. So is the show, of course."

Listen to the first episode.
Check out the playlist.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

'Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread'

'Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread'

Marc and I both agree:

Squid says:
Squid says:
No seriously, AWESOME!!!!!!
Large Regular says:
I was blown away
Squid says:
That was a really cool interview (Me too). It would be neat if the actual interview was available as an MP3 for remixing and such.

"WN: How do you feel about efforts to control how music flows through the online world with digital rights management technologies?

Tweedy: A piece of art is not a loaf of bread. When someone steals a loaf of bread from the store, that's it. The loaf of bread is gone. When someone downloads a piece of music, it's just data until the listener puts that music back together with their own ears, their mind, their subjective experience. How they perceive your work changes your work.

Treating your audience like thieves is absurd. Anyone who chooses to listen to our music becomes a collaborator.

People who look at music as commerce don't understand that. They are talking about pieces of plastic they want to sell, packages of intellectual property.

I'm not interested in selling pieces of plastic."

Wilco World
Wilco Live from the Fillmore (Quicktime)

UPDATE: Slashdot has picked up on the article now.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Playme :: Emo Ep

Playme :: Emo Ep

Alpine Chic has the distinction(?) of being the subject of the first post here at Zero Transmission. Now they can also lay claim to the thirty second post.

The Emo ep by Playme has pretty much everything I like in retroish electronic music. Here's a snip from the site.

Emo Ep features 5 emotional and sensitive emocore tracks and it will guide you through the creative and eccentric Playme galaxy. If you are into retro video games sounds, sexy female vocals, 80s-esque electro beats and pop music with a punk attitude, you are visiting the right page :-)


Zero Transmission's first....er...transmission.

Nishi 50

Nishi 50

Vancouver's Nishi netlabel offers up some eclectic electronic goodness to celebrate their big Five Oh. To be sure these tunes aren't likely to have your cow-orkers tapping their toes while grazing in their cube farms but it is a nice overview of what Nishi has to offer, experimental/ambient/glitchy music.

oeuf korreckt :: The Ballad Vocal
Phylumm Sinter :: Magnetic Pandabears
S Muller :: Termalsonde

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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Fuzz :: God Bless The Radio

The Fuzz :: God Bless The Radio

Recorded by Zero Transmission favourite Chenard Walcker, this is a funky e.p. filled with cut and paste samples none of which I can identify for the life of me.

"Two American from the east coast found their drummer in the eastern suburb of London after having auditioned 7000 of them. They worked 9 months on of the 3 titles of this ep, which was released in limited edition in 1994.
The result is FABULOUS ! Absolutely!"

God Bless The Radio
God Bless Tha Hard Core


Dubmatix : Dub & Roots Reggae Artist

My partner in crime over at Squares Cubed Marc gets credit for finding Dubmatix.

"Classic sounds of 70s roots & dub reggae along with terrifying new 'Electro-Dub' stylings. Dubmatix brings you a dirty mashup that features roots, dub & electro-dub - a hybrid of roots reggae tradition and electro nastiness."

Uptown Rockers
War Peace & Dub

There are 5 more tracks over at the site. If you like them show some love and support a great artist like Dubmatix.

Squares Cubed November 11 2004

Squares Cubed November 11, 2004

Jah love! Spark a fire with us as we feature a heavy, heavy dose of dub reggae cut with some tracks from the new WXYC Chapell Hill Anniversary CD.

Download the whole, high quality show here.

This Week's Playlist

  1. Finks Constant - Ska Cubed
  2. Jacuzzi Brothers - Bright Tiger
  3. Romanowski - Speaking Of
  4. Malt Swagger - Binger
  5. Dubmatix - Uptown Rockers
  6. Black Taj - Woke Up Tired
  7. The Wedgewoods - Wasting my Time
  8. Jett Rink - Born Hungry
  9. Klezska! - Klezska!
  10. Libraness - Sykes Temple Lane
  11. Dubmatix - War, Peace and Dub
  12. Cold Sides - Carrier Frequency
  13. Beastie Boys - Now Get Busy
  14. Marcus and the Rebels - King of Kings
  15. $tinkworx - Pararrayos

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ulrich Schnauss

Ulrich Schnauss

Driving in my car tonight I decided to tune into CFMU, McMaster University's radio station and homebase for Squares Cubed (Sorry about the pop ups...stupid domain redirect service). The program guide says that the show I was listening to was The Pop Narcotic and right away I was digging the tune that was playing. Some sort of "Eno-ish, Dan Lanois with Edge guitar licks thrown in" kinda music. Nice. First thing I do when I get home is call the station up and find out who I was listening to. Turns out it was a guy named Ulrich Schnauss. Never heard of him but thats what the internets are for ain't it? Unfortunately I forgot to ask for an actual song name so I'm outta luck on that score. Well Ulrich has a nice little site with more than enough tunes to whet my appetite for more.

Ulrich Schnauss was born in northern Germany fishing port Kiel in 1977, during his formative years he grew a love for a broad spectrum of music ranging from my bloody valentine to tangerine dream, chapterhouse to early bleep & breakbeat tracks.

police in cars with headphones "tetrapek" 1995
view to the future "sirius" 1997
ethereal 77 "dawn" 1999
ulrich schnauss "attraktor part one" 2000
ulrich schnauss "a lie for breakfast" 2001

WXYC Chapell Hill Anniversary CD

WXYC Chapell Hill Anniversary CD

There's something for everyone on this compilation and too many styles to relate in this post. You can listen to individual tracks, stream the entire collection or download via bittorrent or zip file. I still haven't listened to the entire cd but the so far I've liked it enough to recommend it to you, the listening public. Thanks to boingboing for the heads up.

To commemorate our webcasting anniversary in grand style, WXYC has released a completely free and downloadable local music compilation called Bandwidth: Celebrating 10 Years of Internet Radio on WXYC-Chapel Hill.
The compilation contains exclusive songs donated by 23 of our favorite North Carolina artists, and local artist Casey Burns did the cover art. We’ve pressed up a small number of actual CDs to be sold through our website, in stores in Chapel Hill, at WXYC events, and directly from the participating artists. But we also invite you to download a copy right here and burn your very own!

JETT RINK - Born Hungry
JACUZZI BROTHERS - bright tiger

Monday, November 08, 2004



Sundays + (Frente * Cardigans) / Norway = Ephemera. My math may be faulty (my high school math teacher once called me a loser, for real) but I'm pretty sure it adds up correctly when it comes to Ephemera. Catchy pop tunes matched with ethereal vocals. Enjoy.

The tale of Ephemera starts out sometime during the fall of ’94. Inger Lise Størksen (17), girlfriends Christine Sandtorv (18) and Jannicke Larsen assemble in a basement in hometown Bergen, Norway - to hit a few chords on borrowed guitars. The girls however, - being equally shy, - barely dare sing out in each other’s presence. Luckily the shyness soon evaporates - leaving nothing but Christine and Jannicke’s raw songwriter talent – and an immensely beautiful blend of voices.


Be sure to check out Ephemera's download page for a bonus Christmas tune, pics and wallpapers.

Thanks to Jeff from Jeff Harris Band for the heads up.

Volga :: Kiasma

Volga :: Kiasma

Once again Archive.org delivers another gem in the form of Volga. I wish I could accurately describe the sound but I can't. Instead I'll list some artists that I like that Volga can be compared to: Bjork, Portishead, Annie Lennox and a little bit of Blade Runner soundtrack thrown in. These are just my impressions but its worth a listen. I'm sure it'll be the most interesting music you've never heard before whether you like it or not is another matter all together.

"Volga is a project from Moscow that combines ancient pagan Russian folk songs with contemporary experimental electronics.
These 5 tracks were recorded live at the Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland in February 2004."

Zatovor 1
Zatovor 2
Na puzhbinye

Stream all songs

Search for Volga

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sinister Dexter :: Dexterity

Sinister Dexter :: Dexterity

Keeping your butts wiggling on a Sunday morning.

"Songs off of album Dexterity by 12-piece horn band Sinister Dexter, from the San Francisco Bay Area. A blend of funk, blues, latin, and swing music."

Broadband Connection ::4.4M
Free Man :: 4.4M
Morenita ::5.0M
Are You Ready To Dance :: 5.0M
Another Drink :: 4.4M

Stream via M3U

Metro Science :: Elektronische Spurensuche

Metro Science :: Elektronische Spurensuche

I know that most mp3blogs like to post a nice quiet "Sunday Morning Mix" or something and thats all well and good but this Sunday morning I'm going to shake some booty.

"Metro Science is a new kind of funk soul brother living in bochum/germany. his fat sound will break all netaudio rules..."

Electronic :: 5.2M
Freeze (Music Please) :: 5.0M
Paranoid :: 5.5M
Dreizehn (Rocket Remix) :: 4.7M

Stream via M3U

Friday, November 05, 2004

Squares Cubed November 04 2004

Download the whole, high quality show here. <--Download/Stream the whole show!!

This Week's Playlist

  1. Zofa - Article
  2. Audio Cephlon - Wrapped In Nori
  3. Subnor - 1985
  4. Morse - couch kamote
  5. Destreza - De Mi Para Ti, Con
  6. Subnor - Algoacil
  7. Audio Cephlon - Glitter Gulch
  8. Modem - Deep Space
  9. Zofa - In & Buy
  10. Mhz - Clear as light
  11. Subnor - You Don
  12. Morse - 10:49 AM
  13. Zofa - Sept-Number

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arrial :: this is my beauty, show me yours EP

Arrial - this is my beauty, show me yours EP

I needed some interesting but ambient music while I work on some projects this morning and Arrial is working out nicely. Don't get me wrong, this isn't elevator music it just happens to go nicely with my mood this morning.

"A fresh artist hailing from the British Island is Arrial, whose demo arrived just about 6 weeks ago. His first release for Autoplate consists of three fine classic guitar songs mixed up with sparse, yet playful and effective electronic elements."

Stream the whole thing via M3U
or try a track on for size
Mars, Revisitar

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

QED Records

QED Records

"QED records is a non profit netlabel based in the Philippines, offering the best independent Philippine electronica for free download.
QED offers free singles, EPs, and full-length albums of electronic and experimental music in downloadable mp3 format. These releases include studio-recorded material as well as live recordings."

Don't Make Me Cream Anymore :: PARTIKL
Living On Welfare :: MORSE

QED : Quod Erat Demonstrandum : that which was to be proven.
A latin phrase written at the end of a mathematical proof to show that the result required for the proof to be complete has been obtained. See Wikipedia entry on the latin phrase.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Zero Transmission :: October Playlist

Zero Transmission :: October Playlist

Stream a whole month's worth of free and legal music goodness and don't forget to visit the artists' entry here at Zero Transmission. ::End Transmission::

Monday, November 01, 2004

London Apartments

London Apartments :: dialogue of one

Justin and Erin of the London Apartments have released 'dialogue of one' on netlabel Sundays in Spring and it is your duty to check it out.

one thing we can be sure is that the music you will hear clearly belongs to the twenty first century. there are some touches of indietronica, atmospheres of dreampop, and sincerity of intimate emoish songwriting. just sit down on your back, look at the starry sky and start to fly with your blurry eyes.
justin langlois and erin fortier are the two folk behind the london apartments. embracing technology alongside bedroom pop songwriting ethics, the london apartments' eyes light up under the glow of computer screen and delay pedal LEDs, while their hands fill with guitar and synth surrounded with glitchloops and drum-machine rhythms. close your eyes and breathe in these sounds.

streetlights are soldiers

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Comfort Cake

Comfort Cake

Comfort Stand in celebrating its first birthday by serving up a deliciously groovy batch of Comfort Cake. Twenty Eight slices of aural edibles from many of the artists that have made Comfort Stand the treasure of the netlabel world that we live in. Happy B-Day! Here's looking forward to another great year.

Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand! It's our party; our one year anniversary of being online, providing free music and sharing the love. On this glorious occasion, we have baked a Comfort Cake. It's filled with scrumptous helpings of artists from the label doing what they do best -- creating amazing music to fill your hard drives, iPods, CDs and other storage media. This is our gift to you: the sounds of Comfort. Music For Great Fun!

Scotch and Soda - Happy Birthday Comfort Stand

Songs To Drink And Drive By - Anarchy

Coconut Monkeyrocket - Accidental Beatnik

UPDATE: Katya over at Oddio Overplay has posted a link to over 90 birthday related songs to celebrate Comfort Stand's B-day.