Saturday, October 30, 2004

Overclock Compilation

Overclock Compilation

If you are a fan of 80's era electronic music ala Erasure, Skinny Puppy, Front242, Nitzer Ebb etc. then you'll find something to like in this compilation.

Independent Electro-Industrial Compilation. This sampler gathers togheter EBM, industrial and synthpop talented bands from the entire globe. Brazil shows up with Modem (synthpop), Aire'n Terre (EBM), Iconoclasticos (Industrial), Fractal Feelings (EBM) and Irmandade(Darkwave/Gothic). From Mexico comes the dark electro of Fractum. Russian synthpop brings in the powerful female vocals of Emplosia. Argentina provides the synthpop duo MHz.

Modem :: Deep Space
Aire'n Terre :: Nemesys
Fractum :: Cuando Cuervos te Rodean
Fractal Feelings :: Fight

Friday, October 29, 2004

Squares Cubed

Squares Cubed October 28 2004


  1. Lounge - Rise Above (Remix)
  2. Inceptdate - Profiles
  3. Aleksi Virta - Whirlwind pistols dub
  4. Chenard Walcker - Old Man River
  5. Sonny Jim - Let It Out
  6. Sonny Jim - girlofmydreams
  7. Sonny Jim - roundandround
  8. Benfay - Bluestone
  9. fax - Elevador
  10. Confused Man - Deep Water
  11. her highness - mao Tse tong
  12. Chenard Walcker - Rainy Day
  13. Aleksi Virta - outer edge intro
Download the whole, groovilcious show here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004



I was a Rheostatics fanatic back in the mid to late '90's and they still have a place in my heart but not quite so large as it used to. I was pleased to see Canada's finest rawk band have a new cd out entitled 2067 and available through Maple Music. Sadly I can find no mp3s to speak of but the official site has two Windows media videos. Hey beggars can't be choosers, at least it isn't Real Media.

Video for "Shaved Head" (8.63 MB Windows Media Video)

Video for P.I.N. (2.06 MB Windows Media Video)

Chenard Walcker

Chenard Walcker :: WM Recordings pre-launch

To help launch their new netlabel WM Recordings offers up a small sampling of tunes from cut-up artist Chenard Walcker. Although the site isn't officially launched feel free to browse their their catalogue and check out the vibe.

WM Recordings is a netlabel operating from Heerlen, the Netherlands.
Inspired by Otis Fodder's Comfort Stand Recordings and with the hosting facilities of in mind, we decided to start our own label in autumn 2004.

WM Recordings brings you music that is a little "different". We do not specialize in one style, but instead bring you exciting sounds that you're not likely to find anywhere else. Everything you see here is free, so take as much as you like.

Old man river
Rainy day

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

S.S. Kresge Company

S.S. Kresge Company :: S. S. Kresge Company Background Music No. 123

Oh baby, only 59 days left until Christmas and the folks over at Oddio Overplay have the perfect soundtrack for conspicuous consumption.

This recording of lovely in-store background music was created by Special Recordings Inc. for the S. S. Kresge Company, predecessor of today's K-Mart department stores. The music was intended to be piped through the store for a pleasant shopping experience.

Track 01 :: bouncy strings, bewitching chimes
Track 05 :: shop girl twirl
Track 09 :: exotic goods from 'round the world

Monday, October 25, 2004

Squares Cubed October 21 2004

Squares Cubed

Silly me. All this posting today and I forgot to plug my own show. Grab it here

  1. Binaerpilot - Dressed To Chill
  2. Ate One feat. Antonio - Nightflight
  3. Binaerpilot - Mars
  4. Headphone Science - Signal Return Remix
  5. Thug - werdan
  6. Slomo - Was fuer eine Welt
  7. Broke Gringos - Der Shit
  8. Bliss - Things Will Eventually Make Sense
  9. Soleil - Wild Honey
  10. Bliss - Time Time Time
  11. Deep Motions - Memories
  12. Binaerpilot - You Can't Stop Da Funk

C.J. Pizarro

C.J. Pizarro

Uh...there is really no way for me to describe this recording in its entirety. Its inventive, vulgar meta-hip-hop. Two tracks were featured back in August 2004 on Squares Cubed so those are the tracks I'll post here. If you like these two tracks go ahead and try some others and let me know what you think.

Back in Highschool
Going to Die

Do yourself a favour and check out the rest of the artists at Imaginary Albums.

Sonny Jim

Sonny Jim

SJ lies somewhere between guitar pop and electronic music. I could throw a lot of labels at this music but thats not the point. You can decide for yourself by clicking the links below. Here's what I know about SJ: based out of Germany, offers totally free music except for at least one album and they have a music video which features some girl on girl tongue action. Can't beat that.

Let It Out :: Cynical Bird Single
run :: Run Don't Stop Having Fun

Search for Sonny Jim on

Bonus :: Suck My Disc Quicktime video

Her Highness

Her Highness

I just found this in the new releases over at Its not for everybody but if you're into experimental music that isn't all high-pitched squealing and banging on oil drums whilst torturing small animals than give this release a try.

cutting and pasting on her computer , her highness is like a 3 year old circus girl singing her songs to make all the kids laugh... she makes happy pop songs with samples she recorded using a cello , harmonium , a plastic clarinet and other toys. sometimes she even sprinkles tiny bits of midi on the top.

this feeling
the skrach
mao tse tong

Other releases from birdsong netlabel

Sunday, October 24, 2004



"The electro bubblegum pop genius of Figurine is the product of three high school friends with an insatiable affection for the catchy new wave of the mid '80s. Known simply by their alter egos of David Figurine, James Figurine , and Meredith Figurine, the trio started writing songs when David and James began programming catchy pop songs on their computers. Asked about their early aspirations, James replied, 'When we started Figurine, we just wanted to be Depeche Mode."

An Electronic Address

Saturday, October 23, 2004



Not much point in running down the bio for Barcelona as they are no longer together but the site is still up and serving mp3s. This is the first band ever played on Squares Cubed.

I Have the Password to Your Shell Account
Kasey Keller

More Barcelona tracks over at Epitonic.

bonus :: Pop Goes The World :: Barcelona covers Men Without Hats

Friday, October 22, 2004



Inceptdate is the latest musical endeavor by Christopher Devoe, melodic in sound and experimental in rhythm. Dreamlike and abstract, the moods have both resonance and groove. Chris takes the platforms of hip-hop, and IDM and aggregates older influences of 70s jazz-fusion and soul music. He is most interested in experimental structures (or lack there of) that allow him to expand the possibilities of creating with sound.

Lies at Stake

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ghouls with Attitude

Ghouls with Attitude

This has got to be the best Halloween compilation I have ever heard!! If you are hosting a party this Hallow's Eve then Oddio Overplay and friends have the soundtrack for your frightening festivities. You know I'm going to be blasting this out the front door on October 31 this year. Boris Karloff, Tarantula Ghoul and The Gravediggers, Count Baltes and The Egors are just a few of the artists in this 2-Disc collection that is absolutely free to download. This is the campiest halloween fun this side of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein (which was produced in my home town).

Don Hinson and The Rigamorticians :: Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsatured Blood
Boris Karloff and Friends :: Ha Ha Ha/The Bride Of Frankenstein

The host is being hit really hard right now so of you can please download the songs rather than streaming them that would help. There is also a bittorent of the first cd available for those who can use it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Fleetwood Mash

Fleetwood Mash

It took me a few minutes to get a grip on exactly what was going on with this music. Was this really Mick Fleetwood mashing up his own tunes with the aid of Bill Laswell and others? Perhaps Bowie wasn't the only major artist to see the artistic/commercial merit in mashing. Well its kinda Mick Fleetwood....I'll let the producer, Mashine Gun Kelly explain:

Fleetwood Mash is a "Mash-up" or "Virtual" band. New songs have been created using samples of the performances of these four amazing musicians.
Mick Fleetwood may be the biggest name ever to release a royalty-free sample CD of his drumming and percussion.
The great thing about this is that Mick Fleetwood IS actually playing drums on every track of Fleetwood Mash. So in essence he is in the band even though he does not know it. The other artists in Fleetwood Mash are also extremely talented and well known in the music industry, and they all released sample CDs of their musical artistry for sale for royalty-free use; and they too are all performing on every track of Fleetwood Mash.

In addition to the 10 tracks that are freely downloadable individually or in one zip file there is plenty of information on the mashup scene in general including links to other mashup sites and mashup FAQs. You don't have to be a fan of Fleetwood Mac or any of the other artists to be able to get into this music. It is very rhythm oriented with lots of fat bass and percussion and a bit more than a touch of dub.

Be sure to visit the site because there are links to lots of great stuff.

Punjab Don't Stop
I Need You
The First Ones

Download zip of all 10 tracks

Monday, October 18, 2004


fax :: idioma

mexicali, mexico-based ruben tamayo has produced music on over a dozen releases under the moniker of fax. his music is four on the floor minimal techno, with a little bit of dub and warm melodic lines of sound thrown in for good measure; clicks with no cuts, ambient pools of sound and dark mirrors with straight surfaces for clear sound reception.

nada que declarar


Thanks to Oliver at interdisco for the heads up.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Squares Cubed

Squares Cubed for the week of October 14 2004 is now live. The link should be live for the next 2 weeks so grab up on some great netlabel tunes:
  1. Andromeda Island - Wizards Willow
  2. Hapbt - Mod Skalez
  3. hmm - 07:27
  4. PhabeFX - Wasser
  5. KOSIK - Center In Center Out
  6. Sun, Cancelled - Blessings
  7. Very Proper Dragonflies - Just Believe
  8. Grandma - Why the fuck did you eat my babies?
  9. Andromeda Island - Treasure Island
  10. Sushi Brother - ShadowFighter
Our domain redirection service is serving popup ads on our site now so my apologies but I have no control over them until I can find an alternative service.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I Am Robot And Proud

I Am Robot And Proud

For some reason I usually listen to I Am Robot And Proud on grey rainy days. Something about the low key yet poppy electro sounds strikes a chord with me and I feel a litte better about being house bound by the weather.

"Canadian sound artist Shaw-Han Liem creates glittering electro-pop instrumentals of great introspective charm. Bright, playful, and always accessible, like Tezuka-sensei's robot boy hero, this is music that celebrates the joys of electronic living. Machine codes, precise measures, andbusily preoccupied ciphers maintain a steady but unassuming background chatter while Liem quietly lays down a friendly pattern of sharp dance beats." - THE WIRE

learn from mistakes from grace days :: [Buy grace days]

Bonus :: saturday afternoon plans

Thanks to catmobile records

Search for I Am Robot And Proud


Lowfish :: Eliminator

I've had Lowfish hanging out on my harddrive for many moons but now its time for me to share him with you. I personally like to listen while driving around town because although the tunes sound good sitting in front of my desktop they really come alive when cranked on my car stereo. Crank it to 11 and you'll see I'm right.

Lowfish makes no secret of his influences, including '70's modular-murk (Roedelius and Tangerine Dream), '80s electro-pop (OMD, New Order, and The Art of Noise), crunchy techno (early Warp and Rephlex), and freaky new school electro (from Den Hagg and Detroit)... and he manages to combine these diverse strains of electronic music history into a sound that is completely natural, utterly timeless and totally Lowfish.

From Eliminator :: Glued Smile :: FatBlex :: [Buy Eliminator]

From Disco Nouveau (VA) :: No Longer Accepting Complaints :: [Buy Disco Nouveau]

Thanks to Epitonic

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Tracker :: Polk/Blankets is where I found these tracks and I'm glad I did. Here is some of the bio info from the site:

Portland, OR. Tracker-Blankets is the third release to come from song/ recording-man JohnAskew's assemblage Tracker. Askew wrote and produced the album to accompany the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson. The music quietly threads its way through Thompson's stark images of winter and first love, and the novels dark, yet hopeful coming of age narrative.

The Flurry (Part 1)
Photograph the Ancestors

Buy Blankets by Tracker
Buy Polk by Tracker

Buy Blankets (Graphic Novel) by Craig Thompson

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Go! Team

The Go! Team :: Junior Kickstart

Some more tunes to keep you going after the holiday weekend and also another band previously featured on Squares Cubed (May 06 2004).

Junior Kickstart

We Listen Every Day

Buy Junior Kick Start by The Go! Team

Search for The Go! Team on the net.



I have already featured a track from Oranger on Squares Cubed (June 24 2004) and if you're looking for a nice way to kick off the work week this California based power pop band is for you. I can't help comparing them favourably to the now defunct Odds.

Going Under
Texas Snow
A View of The City From an Airplane

Buy Oranger Cds

Search for Oranger on the net.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Le Zéro

Le Zéro - Asleep Ep

After 6 months from his first ep release, Le Zéro delivers an other magnificent and eclectic mini album to AlpineChic. Asleep Ep is a very versatile sound experience that shows all the production qualities of the very talented songwriter Amin Khatir aka Le Zéro. A sequence of 4 tracks that will take you into a short journey from electro-trash-punk situations to sweet pop harmonies to perverse vocoder voices to easy listening atmospheres. High class electronic music that never get boring and that also features an excellent vocal performance by LeutOhm on the title track 'Asleep'.

Caps Lock

Search for Le Zéro

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 1

Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 1

Where the f**k did this come from!? This FREE collection of 'electropunk' tracks just blows me away. Although each suceeds to varying degrees there isn't a clunker among them...not one, although I'm more inclined to label this 'electropop'. Whatever you want to call it just make sure you download the zip file containing this collection from what is obviously Minneapolis' finest.

TCEV1 contains a rich assortment of cutting-edge Minneapolis Electronic acts: Avenpitch, Endless Blue, TELEPHONE!, Trashed Actor, Thosquanta and UCKF just to name a few.

Avenpitch :: Butterfly Radio
Trashed Actor :: Streamline Your Blender
Download Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 1 :: Zip file

Bonus >>> Avenpitch covers theThe ::
This Is The Day

Friday, October 08, 2004


Soft :: Lucky Jam/You Make Me Wanna Die (Single)

Brooklyn New York's Soft are no longer keeping it on the down low. After hiding, nay, lurking in some anonymous practice space for the better part of a year writing, rehearsing and recording what has become their debut single, you now have the chance to take a hard look at Soft.

If I didn't know better I would have assumed these guys to have come out of the Manchester scene back in it '90's heyday. Sure the influence is there but the sound is fresh enough to stand on its own merits. Get on the bandwagon early and don't forget to tell 'em who sent you.

Lucky Jam
You Make Me Wanna Die

Squares Cubed was so hot in the studio Thursday night that it actually made producing Squares Cubed almost unbearable. Thankfully we had some great musical talent that made up for the sauna-like atmoshpere.

Squares Cubed October 07 2004

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

the bad spellers

the bad spellers :: girls say moshii
Sholdn't it rillE b do 'th baad spllrs'. Ha ha...I'm so very clever aren't I? I'm sure nobody has come up with that joke before. But seriously folks, there is some fine bedroom indie pop to be had here and its well worth a listen.

girls say moshii

There's two more tracks available at racewillbegin. If you want more you can get cdrs straight from the source for only five bucks a pop. Don't be a cheap bastard!

Sorry about the whole bastard thing, serotonin depletion...need to carbo load.

Find the bad spellers on the web


granny'ark :: three seas & one bottle

I've begun to loot squarescubed playlists for material for this new mp3blog. Somehow it feels like cheating but its not like Marc and I didn't do the work in the first place. Anyways, we featured a granny'ark track back in July 2004 and since I'm still digging it I'll invite you to check it out too.

granny'ark is michelle irving from vancouver (canada) who generally has several irons in the fire. these include making rather organic electronic music, delicate video visuals, some drawings, fine food, and lately geek-out sessions in max/msp. granny'ark is dedicated to a compositional approach which steps out of the loop de loop but also explores minimal techs better qualities.

fliegender behälter :: mp3 ogg
sook's boat :: mp3 ogg

sourced from interdisco

Oddio Overplay

Oddio Overplay

When I compare my little rinky dink 'mp3blog' against the likes of Oddio Overplay's expansive and rich collection of music it just makes me want to hang up my hat. But then I guess there is no shame in having slightly less modest goals. I mean we can't all by as cool as Katya and her crew. For Christ's sake not only does the site have a theme song, its got a full compilation full of Oddio themes from some of the most interesting artists on the net! Sheesh how's a fella supposed to compete with that!?

Jonny Perl - Oddio Overplay

Lanark - Oddio Overspy

Check out the whole Oddio compliation.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The London Apartments

The London Apartments
I first stumbled upon TLA while grubbing material for squarescubed, which is how I find most of the music I listen to now that I think about it. Check out some bio tidbits and enjoy the full length mp3s.

From the bedroom and into your hearts, The London Apartments is one boy hailing from Windsor, Ontario. Justin Langlois, the one behind the sounding collective that is The London Apartments takes his music beyond the lo-fi indie sounds of so many and embraces the technology in order to share his sound.

springtime makes warm air
streets in autumn (live may 12)
so tired

Monday, October 04, 2004

Ronin Collective

Ronin Collective
Ronin Collective is a crew of artists distributing their material freely online, all the while reinventing their own margins, progressing, and exploring the many different facets of electronic music and art. Eclectic and unpredictable, we strive to represent Ran as well as structure, and seek to meld wisdom and music, awareness and art with Individuality and Authenticity

Doriath & Wiseman :: Sun In My Eyes

Download whole zip 17.1 MB :: Individual tracks not streamable as they reside at or visit the release page above to download individual tracks for some sweet tastes.


Nishi is a newly founded sub-label of the first & most well known Canadian MP3 label No Type.
Although there is a focus on Vancouver/West Coast electronic artists, like it's parent label, Nishi accepts submissions from artists located anywhere in the world.

symphonic stereo :: do you need a heart?


herotyc :: weapons of mass seduction

weapons of mass seduction

Alpine Chic

AlpineChic is a brand new non-profit netlabel, run and founded by underground music lovers, whose purpose is to build an online network dedicated to unsigned artists playing and performing in the electronic underground music scene. AlpineChic distributes non-mainstream high quality mp3's releases for free under a Creative Commons license.

AlpineChic is physically based in Zürich and is run by electronic music lovers for electronic music lovers. The netlabel consequently concentrates its efforts on electronic performers of the swiss underground music scene.


TOY STORY (Tim Alstublieft Remix)