Wednesday, October 06, 2004


granny'ark :: three seas & one bottle

I've begun to loot squarescubed playlists for material for this new mp3blog. Somehow it feels like cheating but its not like Marc and I didn't do the work in the first place. Anyways, we featured a granny'ark track back in July 2004 and since I'm still digging it I'll invite you to check it out too.

granny'ark is michelle irving from vancouver (canada) who generally has several irons in the fire. these include making rather organic electronic music, delicate video visuals, some drawings, fine food, and lately geek-out sessions in max/msp. granny'ark is dedicated to a compositional approach which steps out of the loop de loop but also explores minimal techs better qualities.

fliegender behälter :: mp3 ogg
sook's boat :: mp3 ogg

sourced from interdisco


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