Saturday, December 04, 2004

DJ Riko :: Mashups

DK Riko:: Mashups

Further to yesterday's post I listened to some mashups by DJ Riko and I was really impressed. For those of you how may not have looked any farther than the holiday mixes I would encourage you to check out some of these tracks:

DJ Riko - Whistler's Delight (Full version)
Do you know how to whistle? People on the 22 tracks used in this number do. I've taken the whistling bit that was in the Latter Day Taints mix and extended it to almost seven minutes of whistling madness. If you're into playing "Name That Tune"/trainspotting, then enter the contest we're having to see who can name the most samples included in this track. To find out what you can win and how to enter, go to the News section.

DJ Riko - Breaks All Night
Boomtown Rats vs Sharaz

DJ Riko - Say Yes to Schooly
Schooly-D beats under a Yes acapella. Call it prog-hop


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