Saturday, December 04, 2004

Squares Cubed December 2 2004

Squares Cubed December 2 2004

Marc does his best to run things on his own while Chris takes a well-deserved break. This week, we play tracks from the ten most-downloaded albums on, as well as a couple of "future hits" from Comfortstand and a special secret track!

Download the whole show here!

This Week's Playlist

10. Kowloon - The Puzzle's Last Piece
9. Kunstner5 - Refined Beauty
FUTURE HIT! Martinibomb - The Love God
8. Luminfire - Bananadittydub
7. Astroslut - Love Theme From Astroslut
6. Sushi Brother - Shadowfighter (Frank Bill Remix)
5. I, Cactus - Bamboo Cactus
4. Aphilas - Blind Matador Techniques
FUTURE HIT! Colektro - Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit)
3. Alexi Virta - Dragons
2. Lackluster - Cut1
1a. The Conet Project - Ready Ready 15728 Irdial
1b. The Conet Project - The Swedish Rhapsody Irdial

SECRET! A special hidden track, to commemorate our theme.

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