Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Aleksi Eeben :: The White Box

Aleksi Eeben - The White Box:

I spent far too much time in my teen years glued to my Commoder 64. I just couldn't tear myself away from Raid on Bungling Bay, Ghostbusters and Summer Olympics. If you have a similar story then this collection is for you. If not, give it a try anyways.

"Finnish old-school Amiga demo scene legend Aleksi Eeben, aka Heatbeat, has never really let up on the composition, but has, rather wonderfully, regressed in his choice of hardware over time, from Amiga, through Commodore 64, to Vic-20, with sideways glances to the Game Boy. But it's his C64 equivalent of 'The White Album', the appropriately named 'The White Box', which sums up some of his borderline deviant SID-chip excursions over the previous few years."


From the good people at Monotonik.


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